Macintosh Fiber Optic (F.O.) Laryngoscope


interchangeable light conducter

Macintosh Fiber Optic laryngoscope blade with 4mm F.O light conductor, up to 6500 individual micro-fibers for improved light transmission and longer life.

:- Blade with Removable light conductor which is simple to remove and
refit without any tool.
:- Integrated Fiber optic for the best Possible Illumination.
:- 303/304 type high grade Stainless Steel with Satin Finish.
:- Smooth shape avoids sharp edges.
:- Fully autoclavable and easier to clean.
:- Compatible with all Standard Fiber optic handles.
:- Fiber optic Handle with LED light.
:- According to ISO 7376 Standard

Power supply

:- All our Fiber Optic handles are powered by
Standard battery handle: 2 “ C ” size
Pediatric battery handle: 2 “ AA “ size
Stubby battery handle: 2 “ AA “ size